• For Valentine's Day, fall in love with reading!

    ❤Teachers & staff have put their favorite books on the Book Love Book List.


    ❤You read one (or more!) of the books from the list.


    ❤After reading each book, go to the library, tell a library staff member, get a book mark. (Remember: You can go to the library during Advisory, during lunch, during the typing portion of your technology class, during Language Arts Reading Zone, and after school).


    ❤The more books you read, the more prizes you win!

    • 💕Read one book, get your choice of prizes from the library prize box (which contains things like Chipotle gift cards, books, candy bars, journals, and more).
    • 💕Read three books, get invited to a lunch pizza party in the library!
    • 💕Read seven books, get a gift certificate to Target or the Tattered Cover -- your choice!

    Book Love lasts one month -- from February 14 through March 14.


    Thank you to the Tattered Cover Bookstore, Chipotle, and the McAuliffe at Smiley Foundation for sponsoring this event!